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Is it time to drop the ‘complete the c London, July 30 (IBNS): Oxford researchers are among a group of infectious disease experts to argue that the advice that patients should complete a course of antibiotics is not supported by evidence and should be dropped. 30-Jul-2017
Mosquito-spread encephalitis found in Wi Washington, July 30 (IBNS): Two horses who died this week in the Tomah area were infected with eastern equine encephalitis virus, according to the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (WVDL) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. 30-Jul-2017
Clemson professor’s research tackles c New York, July 29 (IBNS): Contaminated dietary supplements may cause health problems in users and render athletes ineligible to play, according to a Clemson University professor. 29-Jul-2017
Faster-acting antidepressants may finall London, July 29 (IBNS): Some activity patterns in the brain can be dangerous, producing persistent dark moods that drain people’s motivation, pleasure, and hope. 29-Jul-2017
GVK MIAL observes World Hepatitis Day 20 Mumbai, July 28 (IBNS): For the first time in the history of any airport, GVK MIAL, the company that administers Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA), on Friday observed World Hepatitis Day 2017 by organizing a free check-up camp, a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. 28-Jul-2017
Vitamin E-deficient embryos are cognitiv New York, July 28 (IBNS): Zebrafish deficient in vitamin E produce offspring beset by behavioral impairment and metabolic problems, new research at Oregon State University shows. 28-Jul-2017
Bhopal Surgeons have a date with a Rovin Bhopal, July 24 (IBNS): A da Vinci surgical robot is being taken around to visit 20 Indian cities. Now, on July 24, it makes its way to Bhopal where its impressive minimally invasive precision will be live-demoed to surgeons from different specialties. 25-Jul-2017
Alcohol boosts recall of earlier learnin London, July 25 (IBNS): Drinking alcohol improves memory for information learned before the drinking episode began, new research suggests. 25-Jul-2017
Second World Congress of Optometry will Hyderabad, Jul 24 (IBNS): City of the Nizams, Hyderabad in India, will host the World Congress of Optometry in September this year where experts from various related fields will meet to discuss 'Accessible, quality vision and eye health'. 24-Jul-2017
How physical exercise prevents dementia, Frankfurt, July 23 (IBNS): Numerous studies have shown that physical exercise seems beneficial in the prevention of cognitive impairment and dementia in old age. 23-Jul-2017
Depression changes brain structure, stud London, July 22 (IBNS): Changes in the brain’s structure that could be the result of depression have been identified in a major scanning study. 22-Jul-2017
India is collaborating with US on resear New Delhi, July 21 (IBNS): The Ministry of AYUSH is mandated to promote and propagate AYUSH systems of medicine across the globe. 21-Jul-2017
NIH-supported scientists elicit broadly New York, July 21 (IBNS): Scientists supported by the National Institutes of Health have achieved a significant step forward, eliciting broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) to HIV by immunizing calves. 21-Jul-2017
Hearing a sound can alter perception of London, July 21 (IBNS): Hearing an ascending sound while pulling their own finger can make a person think their finger is longer than it is, finds a new study led by UCL and the Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London. 21-Jul-2017
Moderate exercise and dieting reduces ri London, July 21 (IBNS): The study, published in the BMJ, is the largest research project in the world looking at lifestyle interventions in pregnancy, involving more than 50 researchers from 41 institutions. 21-Jul-2017
Reducing hospital readmissions does not London, July 21 (IBNS): Recent advances in reducing hospital readmission rates for three key medical conditions occurred without causing an increase in death rates, according to a new Yale study. 21-Jul-2017
Spare the surgery: Drugs may combat hydr London, July 21 (IBNS): Clinically available drugs may help combat a potentially lethal form of hydrocephalus now treated mainly by brain surgery, a new Yale-led study has found. 21-Jul-2017
A healthy lifestyle increases life expec New Delhi, July 21 (IBNS): A new study published today in Health Affairs shows that people who refrain from engaging in risky health behaviors not only have a very long life — longer than the famously long-lived Japanese - but that most of these additional years of life are spent in good health. 21-Jul-2017
Loma Linda University researchers find l New York, July 21 (IBNS): A study by researchers from Loma Linda University School of Public Health (LLUSPH) and the Czech Republic has found that timing and frequency of meals play a role in predicting weight loss or gain. 21-Jul-2017
Bank of Baroda organizes blood donation New Delhi,July 21 (IBNS): Bank of Baroda, as a prelude to its 110th Foundation Day Celebrations, collected 5700 units of blood across Pan India recently. 21-Jul-2017
New findings suggest a genetic influence New York, July 19 (IBNS): A month before they are born, fetuses carried by American mothers-to-be can distinguish between someone speaking to them in English and Japanese. 19-Jul-2017
One social hour a week in dementia care London, July 18 (IBNS): Person-centred activities combined with just one hour a week of social interaction can improve quality of life and reduce agitation for people with dementia living in care homes, while saving money. 18-Jul-2017
Daily crosswords linked to sharper brain London, July 17 (IBNS): Experts at the University of Exeter Medical School and Kings College London analysed data from more than 17,000 healthy people aged 50 and over, submitted in an online trial. 17-Jul-2017
Low iron levels may increase risk of hea London, July 16 (IBNS): People with low iron levels may be at greater risk of heart disease, according to a new study involving UCL scientists. 16-Jul-2017
UK : 27 contact lenses found in woman's London, July 16 (IBNS): In a bizarre incident, an eye specialist in the UK found 27 contact lenses stuck in the eye of a woman, media reports said. 16-Jul-2017
Babies born big more likely to become ob New Delhi, July 14 (IBNS): Infants born with a high birthweight are more likely to become obese children, a new study from the UVA Children’s Hospital suggests. 14-Jul-2017
Diet rich in tomatoes cuts skin cancer i New York, July 14 (IBNS): Daily tomato consumption appeared to cut the development of skin cancer tumors by half in a mouse study at The Ohio State University. 14-Jul-2017
New till receipt design could make us he Birmingham, July 13 (IBNS): A new traffic light system which uses till receipts to display nutritional information for an entire supermarket shop could revolutionise the way we buy food, say academics at Birmingham City University in the UK. 13-Jul-2017
Coffee bubble phobia may be deep-seated London, July 12 (IBNS): Some people experience intense aversion and anxiety when they see clusters of roughly circular shapes, such as the bubbles in a cup of coffee or the holes in a sponge. 12-Jul-2017
Cabinet approves creation of three posts New Delhi, Jul 12 (IBNS): The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Wednesday, approved the creation of three posts of Directors in the three new AIIMS at Mangalagiri near Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, Kalyani in West Bengal and Nagpur in Maharashtra. 12-Jul-2017
Questionnaires can be a good predictor o London, July 11 (IBNS): The way in which patients with multiple sclerosis answer questionnaires could help to predict their survival rate from the disease, a study has found. 11-Jul-2017
Drinking coffee reduces risk of death fr London, July 11 (IBNS): People who drink around three cups of coffee a day may live longer than non-coffee drinkers, a landmark study has found. 11-Jul-2017
Your hands may reveal the struggle to ma Columbus, July 10 (IBNS): It takes just a few seconds to choose a cookie over an apple and wreck your diet for the day. 10-Jul-2017
Researchers identify inflammatory biomar London, July 10 (IBNS): Researchers at the University of Birmingham have identified inflammatory biomarkers which indicate whether the brain has suffered injury. 10-Jul-2017
New study links antibiotic resistance to London, July 10 (IBNS): Scientists from the University of Birmingham have discovered a link between a major mechanism of antibiotic resistance and resistance to the disinfectant triclosan which is commonly found in domestic products. 10-Jul-2017
Sufferers of both Type 2 diabetes and sl London, July 10 (IBNS): Research led by the University of Birmingham has discovered that patients who suffer from both Type 2 diabetes and obstructive sleep apnoea are at greater risk of developing a condition that leads to blindness within an average period of less than four years. 10-Jul-2017
New device designed by Duke University t North Carolina/US, Jul 10 (IBNS): Indian-American professor Nimmi Ramanujam and team have developed a new handheld device that will make screening for cervical cancer more accessible and affordable, according to media reports on Monday. 10-Jul-2017
Learning with music can change brain str London, July 8 (IBNS): Using musical cues to learn a physical task significantly develops an important part of the brain, according to a new study. 08-Jul-2017
Sugar intake during pregnancy is associa London, July 8 (IBNS): The team, which included researchers from University of Bristol, used data from a world-leading birth cohort study, the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), also known as ‘Children of the 90s’. 08-Jul-2017
New way of predicting kidney function co London, July 8 (IBNS): Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a new statistical model which estimates kidney function in patients with cancer. 08-Jul-2017
Marijuana can increase a teenager's risk Toronto, July 8 (IBNS): An UdeM study confirms the link between marijuana use and psychotic-like experiences in a Canadian adolescent cohort. 08-Jul-2017
Four clinical trials suggest doctors foc New York, July 8 (IBNS): Heart disease is a leading cause of death worldwide and exacerbated by type 2 diabetes, yet diabetes treatment regimens tend to focus primarily on blood sugar maintenance. This common approach to type 2 diabetes management can leave patients at risk for heart attack and stroke. But results from four recent randomized clinical trials suggest that using medications that offer glucose control while reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease could improve patient outcomes. 08-Jul-2017
Training of Robotic Surgeons to spur gro New Delhi, July 7 (IBNS): Eminent Robotic surgeons have urged senior specialist surgeons in the country to train themselves ahead of the spread of Surgical Robots in their hospitals. 08-Jul-2017
Failure of contraceptives, unplanned pre New Delhi, Jul 7 (IBNS): One in four women using contraceptives are getting pregnant in the UK, a recent study said. 07-Jul-2017
Oral sex, lack of protection helping gon New Delhi, Jul 9 (IBNS): Oral sex and the lack of use of protection is developing antibiotics resistant bacteria that is spreading gonorrhea, the World Health Organisation said. 07-Jul-2017
Saima Hossain appointed WHO Goodwill Amb New Delhi, July 6 (IBNS): Saima Wazed Hossain, a globally renowned champion for the cause of autism spectrum disorder, has been appointed as WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Autism in South-East Asia Region. 06-Jul-2017
India declares itself free from highly p New Delhi, Jul 6 (IBNS): India declares itself free from Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N1 and H5N8), from June 6, 2017, and notified the same to World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), announced the Union Ministry of Agriculture, on Thursday. 06-Jul-2017
Eminent Fortis, Max, Medanta, Sir Ganga New Delhi July 4 (IBNS): To address constraints to expansion of robotic surgery into smaller towns in India--non availability of trained surgeons, cost of computer assisted procedures and equipment--Vattikuti Technologies and Intuitive Surgical Inc. 06-Jul-2017
Bihar: 70,000 people suffering from vira Patna, July 4 (TheBiharPost/IBNS): Around 70,000 people in Bihar have fallen victim to viral fever in the past one fortnight, officials said on Tuesday. 04-Jul-2017
J P Nadda chairs high level review meeti New Delhi, July 4 (IBNS): J P Nadda, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, held a high level meeting to review the preparedness of the Ministry for prevention and control of vector borne diseases (dengue, malaria, chikungunya) in the country, here on Tuesday. 04-Jul-2017
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