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Newer contraceptive pills linked to redu

New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): New types of combined oral contraceptives (containing both lower doses of oestrogens and newer progestogens) are associated with a reduced risk of ovarian cancer, in young women, finds a large study from the University of Aberdeen.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance – Prob

There is no form of love that can be compared to the love of your mother and there is no form of care that you get from your father. It is rightly said that – God cannot ensure his presence everywhere, so he created parents.

Access to legal abortion services needed

New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): States across the world should act now to decriminalise abortion and make every effort to ensure women and girls have the right to make their own decisions about pregnancy, said a group of United Nations human rights experts on Friday, in a statement marking International Safe Abortion Day.

Violence and displacement in Ebola-hit D

New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Increasing violence in Ebola-affected areas of north-eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) threatens the safety of tens of thousands of people there, the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, said on Friday.

Eating disorder study shows how the brai

Washington Sept 28 (IBNS): Joanna Steinglass has worked with anorexia nervosa patients since 1999, when she was a resident psychiatry at the College of Physicians & Surgeons.

Chronic illnesses: UN stands up to stop

New York, Sept 28 (IBNS): “Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, chronic Lyme disease, depression” – just some of the illnesses outlined by World Health Organization (WHO) chief Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, who drove home the danger by asking delegates to stand up, when they heard the name of an illness that had killed someone they loved: One by one, every single person in the room, got to their feet.

Fight against ‘vicious’ tuberculosis

New York, Sept 27 (IBNS): The fight against tuberculosis (TB) is drastically under-funded, with a gap of around $13 billion per year, said Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed at the first-ever High-Level TB Meeting, held at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Evidence that increased BMI causes lower

New Delhi, Sept 26 (IBNS): There is an increasing need to prevent obesity because of the consequences for mental as well as physical health, new research by academics at the University of Bristol has found.

Ebola-hit DRC faces ‘perfect storm’

New York, Sept 26 (IBNS): A "perfect storm" of active conflict and traumatized communities in Ebola-affected areas of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) could enable the deadly disease to spread, but there are “no plans” to pull UN workers out of the country despite concerns for their security, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday.

More people should be encouraged to play

London, Sept 24 (IBNS): More people should be encouraged to play golf and enjoy its many health benefits, an international panel of experts has concluded.

Eight of ten with cancer risk genes don

New York, Sept 23 (IBNS): A genomic screening approach of more than 50,000 people shows that more than 80 percent of those who carry an identifiable genetic risk for breast, ovarian, prostate, and pancreatic cancer don’t know it despite frequent interaction with the healthcare system.

Insulin shows great potential against ch

New York, Sept 22 (IBNS): Diabetes is not the only disease on which insulin has an effect, it appears. In a new study that involved tests on mice researchers from the University of Copenhagen, among others, have discovered a new method for treating chronic colitis with regular insulin.

Breast milk may help babies’ brain dev

London, Sept 22 (IBNS): Babies born before their due date show better brain development when fed breast milk rather than formula, a study has found.

DR Congo: Amid renewed risk of spread, E

New York, Sept 22 (IBNS): New Ebola virus hotspots in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are threatening progress made in tackling the deadly disease and increasing its risk of spreading, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Friday.

Alcohol abuse kills three million people

New York, Sept 22 (IBNS): More one in 20 deaths in 2016 – 3 million people, mostly men – were caused by harmful use of alcohol, according a report released on Friday by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Mediterranean-style diet may lower women

Londo, Sept 21 (IBNS): Following a Mediterranean-style diet may reduce stroke risk in women over 40 but not in men – according to new research led by the University of East Anglia.

Adults with varied sleep-wake times weig

Durham, Sept 21 (IBNS):  Sufficient sleep has been proven to help keep the body healthy and the mind sharp. But it’s not just an issue of logging at least seven hours of Z’s.

A Rotarian accounts the success story of

Ashok Mahajan, Past Rotary International Director and Past Trustee The Rotary Foundation in conversation with Subhojit Roy

Study shows new technology can predict f

London, Sept  21 (IBNS): Researchers at the University of Oxford, working with colleagues in Erlangen, Germany and at the Cleveland Clinic, USA, have developed a new technology based on analysis of computed tomography (CT) coronary angiograms that can flag patients at risk of deadly heart attacks years before they occur.

WHO congratulates India for significantl

New Delhi, Sept 19 (IBNS): WHO has commended India for its concerted efforts to reduce child deaths, which have resulted in under-five mortality estimates to have fallen below the one million mark.

Strength-based exercises could help chil

London, Sept 19 (IBNS): Encouraging young people to do strength-based exercises – such as squats, push ups and lunges – could play a key role in tackling child obesity, research suggests.

UN tuberculosis summit ‘historic oppor

New York, Sept 19 (IBNS): Countries are not doing enough to end tuberculosis – the world’s deadliest infectious disease – by 2030, warned the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday, at the release of the latest Global Tuberculosis Report.

Artificial Intelligence tool accurately

New York, Sept 18 (IBNS): A new computer program can analyze images of patients’ lung tumors, specify cancer types, and even identify altered genes driving abnormal cell growth, a new study shows.

The microbiota in the intestines fuels t

New York, Sept 18 (IBNS): The team of Professor Dirk Haller at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) made an unexpected discovery while investigating the triggering factors of colon cancer

Muscle relaxants increase risk of respir

New York, Sept 18 (IBNS): Muscle relaxants are a necessary part of anesthesia during certain major operations. Studies have, however, hinted at respiratory risks connected with these drugs.

Supreme Court lifts ban on sale of Sarid

New Delhi, Sept 17 (IBNS): Days after the Centre's ban on 328 combinationdrugs, the Supreme Court on Monday allowed the sale of Saridon and two other drugs for now, media reports said.

Landmark study reveals: Can aspirin prol

Canberra, Sept 17 (IBNS): Three groundbreaking papers published in today’s New England Journal of Medicine, led by a team of Monash University researchers in Melbourne, reveal the results from a seven-year study of the benefits and risks of a low daily dose of aspirin to the lives of people over 70.

Mom's high blood sugar in pregnancy link

New York, Sept 16 (IBNS): A pregnant woman’s higher blood sugar level is linked to a significantly greater long-term risk of obesity in her child — even more than a decade later, reports a large new international study led by Northwestern Medicine. 

Children born in last three months of ye

Melbourne, Sept 15 (IBNS):New research has found children born in the last three months of the year in Melbourne may have a greater risk of developing respiratory diseases such as asthma

DR Congo: new cases of deadly Ebola viru

New York, Sept 15 (IBNS): In eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the UN has stepped up community-based efforts to tackle Ebola disease, following confirmation that the virus has reached the city of Butembo, near the Ugandan border, where it has claimed three lives.

Kolkata doctor urges exclusive breastfee

Kolkata, Sept 14 (IBNS): A Kolkata doctor has urged mothers to breast feed their newborns exclusively for six months, while sounding alert against unscrupulous and misleading advertisement.

Saridon, Corex and 326 other combination

New Delhi, Sept 13 (IBNS) : The Ministry of Health has banned the production, sale of about 328 fixed dose combinations of drugs (FDCs), including Saridon and Corex, two popular drugs in the country, reports said.

Cancer is a growing global threat and pr

New York, Sept 13 (IBNS): More than 18 million new cases of cancer are expected this year and it’s estimated that 9.6 million people will die from various forms of the disease in 2018, the UN’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) said on Wednesday.

Global Preparedness Monitoring Board con

Geneva, Sept 11 (IBNS): WHO and the World Bank Group on Monday convened the first meeting of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), a new body set up to monitor the world’s readiness to respond to outbreaks and other health emergencies.

Change your diet to save both water and

London, Sept 11 (IBNS): Shifting to a healthy diet is not only good for us, but it also saves a lot of precious fresh water, according to a JRC study published in Nature Sustainability.

Middle-aged drinkers should have alcohol

London, Sept 10 (IBNS): A YouGov poll has found that one in five of UK adults are drinking above the Chief Medical Officer’s low risk drinking guidelines and more than two thirds of these say they would find cutting down on their drinking harder to do than one or more other lifestyle changes - improving their diet, exercising more, or reducing their smoking, if they were smokers.

800,000 people commit suicide every year

New York, Sept 10 (IBNS):  Every year, close to 800,000 people commit suicide, the second leading cause of death amongst people aged 15-29 in 2016.

'Mindful people' feel less pain; MRI ima

New York, Sept 8 (IBNS): Ever wonder why some people seem to feel less pain than others? A study conducted at Wake Forest School of Medicine may have found one of the answers – mindfulness.

Sri Sathya Sai Hospital to hold free med

Kolkata, Sep 8 (IBNS): Sri Sathya Sai Hospital, part of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Trust, and Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations in West Bengal will conduct a free of cost medical camp on September 30, 2018 at Khudiram Anushilan Kendra Indoor Stadium, Kolkata.

Countries in WHO South-East Asia to inte

New Delhi, Sept 7 (IBNS) Countries in WHO South-East Asia resolved to accelerate efforts to control dengue which threatens nearly 1.3 billion people with frequent and largescale outbreaks, and control malaria, that continues to be endemic in the Region.

More daytime sleepiness may trigger Alzh

New York, Sept 7 (IBNS): Analysis of data captured during a long-term study of aging adults shows that those who report being very sleepy during the day were nearly three times more likely than those who didn’t to have brain deposits of beta amyloid, a protein that’s a hallmark for Alzheimer’s disease, years later.

Strengthen emergency medical teams for b

New Delhi, Sept 6 (IBNS): The World Health Organization on Thursday called upon countries in its South-East Asia Region to strengthen emergency medical teams, to be better prepared to respond to public health emergencies.

Albinism: UN official welcomes latest de

New York, Sept 6 (IBNS): The top United Nations representative in Malawi is urging the Government to promptly prosecute those allegedly responsible for the death of a young man with albinism whose butchered body was found earlier this year.

Inactivity puts physical and mental heal

New York, Sept 5 (IBNS): Insufficient physical activity is a leading risk factor for non-communicable disease, negatively impacting mental health and overall quality of life, according to a newly released United Nations health agency study.

Countries in WHO South-East Asia Region

New Delhi, Sept 4 (IBNS) Member countries of WHO South-East Asia Region on Tuesday committed to make essential medicines, vaccines, diagnostics and medical devices affordable and accessible to all, both within the Region and beyond.

Leptospirosis claims 12 lives in flood-

Thiruvananthapuram, Sept 3 (IBNS): After floods, the south Indian state of Kerala is now witnessing the death of 12 people due to the waterborne disease leptospirosis, media reports said on Monday.

Scientists identify 35 genes associated

London, Sept 2 (IBNS): A large-scale genetic study found that some of the same genes associated with the use of cannabis are also associated with certain personality types and psychiatric conditions.

Chinese medicine ingredient can help red

Berlin, Sept 2 (IBNS): A plant-derived substance widely used in traditional Chinese medicine has demonstrated promising weight loss effects.

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