Title Description Posted Date
Delhi to witness strike against sealing 02-Feb-2018
Cess increased on all bills: FM Jaitley 01-Feb-2018
10% tax on long term capital gains: FM J 01-Feb-2018
15% tax on shares held up to 1 year: FM 01-Feb-2018
Tax exemption for critical illness of se 01-Feb-2018
Tax exemption for senior citizens in ban 01-Feb-2018
Personal income tax rate unchanged: FM J 01-Feb-2018
Rs. 1.44 lakh crore tax recovered in las 01-Feb-2018
99% of MSME to be taxed at 25%: FM Jaitl 01-Feb-2018
Benefits of reduced tax rate to 25% will 01-Feb-2018
100% tax rebate for farmers producer com 01-Feb-2018
19.25 lakh new tax payers: FM Jaitley 01-Feb-2018
Direct tax collection went up by 12.6%: 01-Feb-2018
Fiscal deficit of 3.3 projected: FM Jait 01-Feb-2018
Salaries of MPs will be revised after ev 01-Feb-2018
Salaries of MPs will be determined on th 01-Feb-2018
New law proposed to determine MP salarie 01-Feb-2018
Rs. 105,000 investment for SC/ST funds: 01-Feb-2018
Rs. 11000 crore investment for Mumbai lo 01-Feb-2018
Railway stations to be digitised: FM Jai 01-Feb-2018
Propose to increase airport capacity to 01-Feb-2018
9000 km national highways will be comple 01-Feb-2018
Rs. 2.04 lakh crore will be invested in 01-Feb-2018
Rs. 7148 crore will be investment in tex 01-Feb-2018
EPF contribution for new government empl 01-Feb-2018
Rs. 56, 919 for welfare of scheduled cas 01-Feb-2018
Cleaning of Ganga our national mission: 01-Feb-2018
One medical college per three parliament 01-Feb-2018
Rs. 5 lakh cover to family for hospital 01-Feb-2018
Lunching flagship health protection sche 01-Feb-2018
Ekalavya Schemes for scheduled tribes: F 01-Feb-2018
Launching Revitalising of infrastructure 01-Feb-2018
Will initiate B.ed programme for untrain 01-Feb-2018
Goal is to provide opportunity to all in 01-Feb-2018
1.88 crore toilet will be built: FM Jait 01-Feb-2018
Focus will be to provide maximum livelih 01-Feb-2018
51 new houses will be built: FM Jaitley 01-Feb-2018
8 crore women to get free gas connection 01-Feb-2018
16000 crore will be invested in Ujjawala 01-Feb-2018
MSP for crops increased by 1.5 times: FM 01-Feb-2018
Export of agricultural commodities will 01-Feb-2018
2000 crore investment for developing the 01-Feb-2018
Farm output at record level: Arun Jaitle 01-Feb-2018
On road to achieve 8% growth: Arun Jaitl 01-Feb-2018
There is record agricultural production 01-Feb-2018
Finance Minister Jaitley begins presenti 01-Feb-2018
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