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Daycare supervisor accused of sexual ass Toronto, Sept 30, (IBNS): A daycare supervisor in Toronto was accused of sexually assaulting a young boy, police said. 30-Sep-2016
Woman trapped inside her car for an hour Toronto, Sept 30 (IBNS): Toronto emergency crews rushed to the scene of a crash at Dundas Street West and Sterling Road, around midnight, media reports said. 30-Sep-2016
New Jersey train crashes into station, k New Jersey, Sept 29 (IBNS): A New Jersey Transit train plowed through a major station in Hoboken here on Thursday morning's rush-hour, killing at least one person and injuring several, media reports said. 29-Sep-2016
Canada’s national bird yet to be decid Toronto, Sep 29 (IBNS): The 'official' national bird of Canada is yet to be decided by the administration, according to media reports. 29-Sep-2016
Planned rebellion against police brutali Toronto, Sept 29 (IBNS): The Toronto Raptors have been planning to take a stand against police brutality, according to media sources. 29-Sep-2016
Plans for more green energy cancelled by Toronto, Sept. 29 (IBNS): In view of rising electrical rates, Ontario’s Liberal government decided to cancel plans to sign contracts for up to 1,000 megawatts of power from solar, wind and other renewable energy sources, media reports said. 29-Sep-2016
South Carolina school shooting: 2 studen Townville, Sept 29 (IBNS): At least two children and a teacher were shot at an elementary school in US state of South Carolina on Wednesday, media reports said. 29-Sep-2016
Toronto: Home depot pulls out 'Scary Pep Toronto, Sept 28 (IBNS): After a "serious crime" complaint lodged due to the "Scary Pepper Creeper" Halloween decoration, Home Depot has said it would pull out the item from its stores, this season. 28-Sep-2016
Mayor Tory to host housing summit to dis Toronto, Sept 28 (IBNS): Mayors from across Canada will be joining Mayor John Tory later this week as part of a housing summit where municipal leaders will discuss "the affordable and social housing crisis facing Canadian cities." 28-Sep-2016
Microtransit services a good option for Toronto, Sept. 28 (IBNS): Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong had foreseen privately-owned vans operating on-demand in low-density areas as a viable option and accordingly planned to put forth a proposal to this effect before the commission’s board, reported Ben Spurr, Transportation Reporter, thestar.com. 28-Sep-2016
Ombudsman to probe school bus chaos Toronto, Sept 27 (IBNS): Ontario’s Ombudsman Paul Dubé announced on Monday that with the growing number of complaints related to school busses, his office would be looking into the matter soon. 27-Sep-2016
Federal heritage status granted to three Toronto, Sept. 27 (IBNS): Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act had designated three lighthouses in Atlantic Canada for federal protection making a total of ninety lighthouses in eight provinces selected for heritage status with more expected to be added to the list, reported The Canadian Press. 27-Sep-2016
Teen hospitalised after brutal stabbing Toronto, Sept 27 (IBNS): A young boy was stabbed in the Toronto city's west end on Monday night. 27-Sep-2016
Mayor Tory reveals new plans to stop Tor Toronto, Sept 26 (IBNS): To tackle the growing problem of traffic congestion, Mayor John Tory has recently launched a new step to control it. 26-Sep-2016
Toddler eats pill in park: Police invest Toronto, Sept 26 (IBNS): On Sunday afternoon, a 15 -month -old ate part of an anti-anxiety medication pill that was found on a slide in a Toronto park. 26-Sep-2016
Mi'kmaq protesters block natural gas sto Fort Ellis, Sept 26 (IBNS): Mi'kmaq protesters recently blocked the entrance of a construction site near the upcoming underground natural gas storage caverns in Nova Scotia. 26-Sep-2016
Worker severely injured after tar spill Toronto, Sept 26 (IBNS): A worker is severely injured after an accidental spill of hot tar on him, in the Logan Avenue and Danforth Avenue of Toronto, police said. 26-Sep-2016
Macleod Trail shooting kills one Calgary, Sept 26 (IBNS): One man died following a shooting on Sunday night in Calgary. 26-Sep-2016
Two dead, one injured in Quebec plane cr Quebec, Sept 26 (IBNS):A small plane crashed along the Mouchalagane River in northern Quebec on Sunday. 26-Sep-2016
Targeted shooting in Surrey leads two ho Vancouver, Sept 26 (IBNS): On Sunday night two people were hospitalised after a targeted shooting took place in Surrey. 26-Sep-2016
Ontario prioritizes community water need Toronto, Sept. 26 (IBNS): Nestle’s purchase of a well near Elora in Ontario, Canada to secure water supply for its own growing water bottling plant, forced Ontario to renew its government scrutiny of the bottling water industry, reported the media. 26-Sep-2016
Eight competing monuments unveiled for S Toronto, Sept. 26 (IBNS): The Canada Council for the Arts in downtown Ottawa, on Thursday, unveiled the final eight designs from which a jury of experts, both in public art and hockey, will choose one, for the new Ottawa monument commemorating Lord Stanley of Preston's gift of the Stanley Cup in 1892, according to media reports. 26-Sep-2016
Calgary nightclub shooting: Canadian foo Calgary Sept 26 (IBNS): A Calgary football player, 23-year-old Mylan Hicks, died in a nightclub shooting in Calgary’s southeast Marquee Beer Market at 4630 Macleod Trail at 2:30 am this morning. 26-Sep-2016
US: Gunmen open fire in Baltimore, injur Baltimore, Sept 25 (IBNS): At least eight people were injured after gunmen opened fire in US's Balimore city on Saturday night, reports said. 25-Sep-2016
London explores safe injection sites Toronto, Sept 24 (IBNS): A recovering addict, Dan in one of Canada's drug cities is applauding the federal government’s support in setting up safe injection sites, adding that such a site earlier in London could have helped him recover from addiction to opiate and crystal meth, reported CBC News. 24-Sep-2016
Annie Pootoogook, Inuit artist body foun Ottawa, Sept 24 (IBNS): 46- year-old Annie Pootoogook, the acclaimed, award winning Inuit artist was identified as the woman found dead Monday in Ottawa’s Rideau river. 24-Sep-2016
Teen stabbed in Scarborough Toronto, Sept 24 (IBNS): An adolescent died following a stabbing in Scarborough Friday night. 24-Sep-2016
Millions of dollars in ‘departure tax Toronto, Sep. 24 (IBNS): Privatisation of Toronto Hydro could cost the city millions of dollars in 'departure tax', according to media reports. 24-Sep-2016
Calgary leads province in HPV vaccinatio Calgary, Sep 24 (IBNS): According to new statistics released by the Alberta Health Services (AHS), Calgary has been leading the province in the vaccination of young children against the deadly Human Papillomavirus (HPV). 24-Sep-2016
US mall shooting : Toll goes to 5 Los Angeles, Sept 24 (IBNS) : Police on Saturday were searching for a gunman who killed five people during a shooting at a mall in the US state of Washington, CNN reported. 24-Sep-2016
Canada's justice system expensive and in Toronto, Sep 24 (IBNS): While grading justice systems of Canada's provinces and territories, across five categories -- public safety, victims support, efficiency, fairness and access to justice, and costs and resources -- The Macdonald-Laurier Institute placed Atlantic Canada and Quebec at the top, while Manitoba and the three territories were placed at the bottom, according to media reports. 24-Sep-2016
At least three die in Washington mall sh Washington, Sept 24 (IBNS): At least three people were reported dead following a shooting incident in a Washington mall, reports said. 24-Sep-2016
US: 4 killed in shooting at mall Washington, Sept 24 (IBNS): At least four people were killed in a shooting incident at a mall in US city of Burlington on Friday, officials said. 24-Sep-2016
Halifax man arrested for human trafficki Toronto, Sept 23 (IBNS): Toronto Police have arrested a man who is alleged of recruiting a young 17-year-old girl from Halifax, forced her to come to Toronto, work in a spa amd provide sexual services to clients. 24-Sep-2016
Community worries with looming Tolko clo Winnipeg, Sept 23 (IBNS): The intended closure of the pulp and paper plant in The Pas region of Manitoba has made the local community fear the worst conditions coming in. 23-Sep-2016
Canada-China resolve Canola dispute Ottawa, Sept 23 (IBNS): The leaders of the two countries, Canada and China, on Thursday finally agreed on a long term solution to a trade dispute over $2 billion worth of annual canola sales, keeping their arguments aside over the crop as they try to broaden trade ties. 23-Sep-2016
Toronto Police who shot man three times Toronto, Sept 23 (IBNS): The Special Investigations Unit (SIU), watchdog of Ontario Police, announced there will be no charges after a man was shot three times and struck with a stun gun in Toronto in December 2015. 23-Sep-2016
Head-on collision of SUVs in Calgary, 2 Calgary, Sept 23 (IBNS): At least two people were injured badly and taken to the hospital as two SUVs collided head-on in the southwest Calgary neighbourhood of Wodlands. 23-Sep-2016
Manitoba reserve declares state of emerg Winnipeg, Sept 23 (IBNS): A Northern Manitoba First Nations community has declared a state of emergency following the burning down of the band office and only grocery store on Thursday. 23-Sep-2016
Road rage in Toronto ends in Highway cra Toronto, Sept 23 (IBNS): A road rage between a group of motorcyclists and the occupants of a car had led to an assault and fiery crash in Mississauga area near Toronto. Ontario police are looking for the suspects. 23-Sep-2016
Woman shot in Queen and Sherbourne area, Toronto, Sept 23 (IBNS): A woman was shot near Moss Park, close to the intersection of Queen Street East and Sherbourne Street on Thursday night. 23-Sep-2016
Projected operating deficit of $172 mill Toronto, Sept 23 (IBNS): After Toronto Travel Commission’s (TTC’s) budget committee on Wednesday, Chair Josh Colle stated that there could be a fare increase, cuts to service or both as the TTC confronted a $172 million operating deficit in its budget for 2017, reported Chris Fox, CP24.com. 23-Sep-2016
Canadian army officer faces 22 criminal Edmonton, Sept 23 (IBNS): Capt. Malcolm Grace, a Canadian army captain, who once led a team of military trainers in Afghanistan, is now facing 22 criminal charges, including numerous sexual assaults. 23-Sep-2016
New York: Abandoned car triggers panic, New York City, Sept 23 (IBNS): An abandoned car outside a terminal caused panic and distress for passengers at the LaGuardia Airport on Thursday night, reports said. 23-Sep-2016
IBM launches Toronto based innovation hu Toronto, Sept 22 (IBNS): IBM in partnership with Ontario Centers of Excellence and the Government of Ontario, has launched the IBM innovation Space, a start up hub based in Toronto which aims to help entrepreneurs and start-ups to scale up and enter the global marketplace. 22-Sep-2016
Ontario couple gets 18 month jail for ch Toronto, Sept 22 (IBNS): An Ontario based couple, who locked their 10-year-old nephew inside a bedroom and forcibly confined him for two years, have been sentenced imprisonment for 18 months. 22-Sep-2016
Chinese Premier to discuss on extraditio Ottawa, Sept 22 (IBNS): Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived in Ottawa to meet his counterpart Justin Trudeau to press for an extradition treaty. 22-Sep-2016
Tour bus rolls down at Banff lookout poi Calgary, Sep 22 (IBNS): One woman was killed and another man was seriously injured when a Hainan Airlines tour bus rolled uncontrollably off the Castle Mountain lookout point along the TransCanada Highway near Alberta's famous Banff National Park. 22-Sep-2016
Canada: Man dies after falling at Devil' Toronto, Sept 22 (IBNS): A 38-year-old man succumbed to his injuries, after a fall early Wednesday morning at Hamilton's Devil's Punchbowl waterfall in Canada. 22-Sep-2016
Toronto Airport faces lawsuits with its Toronto, Sept 22 (IBNS): According to a CBC News investigation report, Canada's busiest Pearson International Airport is facing a string of lawsuits for injuries and even a death allegedly resulting from problems with wheelchair services. 22-Sep-2016
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