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Oakwood village school’s new EQAO Math Toronto, Sep 22 (IBNS): The Maths test scores from Toronto’s J.R. Wilcox School has gone up this year compared to the rest of the province, according to media reports. 22-Sep-2016
Free education to Syrian refugees who do Toronto, Sep 22 (IBNS): Syrian refugee children, who do not have a permanent address to get enrolled in schools, according to the rules in Toronto, are being given free education by two Toronto School Boards, according to reports. 22-Sep-2016
Second switched-at-birth case in Manitob Toronto, Sep 22 (IBNS): A second set of DNA tests have confirmed that two men were switched at birth at a Norway House Indian Hospital in the same year and the government has appointed an independent third party to investigate what went wrong, reports said. 22-Sep-2016
Uber plans to map Toronto Toronto, Sep 22 (IBNS): Uber, a ride-hailing company, has planned to dispatch sixty-five mapping vehicles across the Greater Toronto Area to pinpoint the best pickup and drop off points, according to media reports. 22-Sep-2016
Crowded Toronto streets used by sexual p Toronto, Sep 22 (IBNS): A sexual predator has been assaulting teen girls in midtown Toronto and using busy pedestrian-filled streets to evade police and to conceal his crimes, according to recent media reports. 22-Sep-2016
NSCC campuses evacuated following bomb t Toronto, Sept 21 (IBNS): Two campuses of the Nova Scotia Community College at Halifax and Cape Breton in Canada have been evacuated following bomb threat, officials said. 21-Sep-2016
Brazen crime continues with double shoot Toronto, Sept 21 (IBNS): Police remain at the scene of a double shooting in the city’s Annex neighbourhood this morning as the investigation into the brazen crime continues, reported Chris Fox, CTV News Toronto. 21-Sep-2016
Shooting in Northeast Calgary:Two dead Calgary, Sep 21 (IBNS): Two people died after an alleged shooting in Calgary’s Northeast Redstone community late Tuesday, according to media reports. 21-Sep-2016
Negotiation between General Motors Canad Toronto, Sep 21 (IBNS): A likely strike at General Motors' (GM's) Canada units were averted after the company negotiated a deal with the Canadian labour union, Unifor, according to media sources. 21-Sep-2016
Toronto again ranks among one of the mos Toronto, Sep 21 (IBNS): Toronto has once again emerged as one of the most livable cities, this time according to a survey by the architecture magazine Metropolis, which said it considered a city’s housing, transportation, sustainability, and culture among other factors to arrive at the list. 21-Sep-2016
New horse racing track to be built near Edmonton, Sept 21 (IBNS): The Edmonton area will see a new horse racing track in 2018. 21-Sep-2016
Man stabbed at Toronto Eaton Center in b Toronto, Sept 21 (IBNS): According to Police a man in his twenty’s has been admitted in the hospital following a stabbing incident at the Eaton Center mall in downtown Toronto. 21-Sep-2016
Saskatchewan government refuses to decla Regina, Sept 20 (IBNS): Despite the growing number of HIV/AIDS epidemic and the recommendation of the doctors, the Saskatchewan government will not be declaring a public health emergency in the province for the said disease. 20-Sep-2016
C-Train derails at city's Northwest Tusc Calgary, Sept 20 (IBNS): A Calgary transit CTrain derailed at the city's Northwest Tuscany LRT station just before 7 AM. The transit driver is injured but is in a stable condition. 20-Sep-2016
Pride Toronto apologizes for racial disc Toronto, Sept 20 (IBNS): According to a recent statement released by the organization, Pride Toronto, says it deeply apologizes to Black Lives Matter Toronto (BLMTO) for "deepening the divisions” in the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer) community and for “a history of anti-blackness.” 20-Sep-2016
Justin Trudeau to speak at UN assembly Toronto, Sept 20 (IBNS): Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined the world leaders for the annual gathering at the United Nations general assembly. 20-Sep-2016
Fatal bear attacks in Western Canada hav Calgary, Sept 20 (IBNS): For the past couple of months’ bear attacks on humans have left outdoor enthusiasts on high alert in Western Canada. 20-Sep-2016
New focus on daycare welcomed by Ontario Toronto, Sep 20 (IBNS): Ontario Lieutenant-Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell said on Monday that she plans to add 100,000 more licensed spots in schools, workplaces and community settings across Ontario by doubling the child care for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers over the next five years, according to media reports. 20-Sep-2016
New York bombing: Suspect Ahmad Khan Rah New York, Sept 20 (IBNS): The man captured by the police as a suspect in the New York bombing has been charged with five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer after a shootout Monday with police in Linden. 20-Sep-2016
Police arrests man who climbed Calgary c Calgary, Sep 20 (IBNS): A man who attempted to hijack a crane in Calgary’s downtown construction site, on Monday, has been arrested, according to media reports. 20-Sep-2016
New York bombing: Suspect captured New York, Sept 20 (IBNS): The key suspect in the New York bombing incident was captured by the police on Monday, officials said. 20-Sep-2016
Health Canada recommends stricter labell Toronto, Sept 19 (IBNS): Health Canada in a recent announcement emphasised on stricter labelling rules for acetaminophen, the popular pain killer. The new rules underlined not to exceed the maximum dosage of four grams per day for the normal pill, or eight tablets of extra-strength acetaminophen. 19-Sep-2016
Kids more vulnerable to toxic chemicals Toronto, Sep 19 (IBNS): Canadian environmental health experts welcomed the latest American research that shows kids are vulnerable to the presence of toxic chemicals in household dust, according to media reports. 19-Sep-2016
New York bombing: Police seek 28-year-ol New York, Sept 19 (IBNS): New York authorities are finding a person identified as 28-year-oldAhmad Khan Rahami, in connection with the bombing in the city which left 29 people injured. 19-Sep-2016
Canada Minister Navdeep Bains meets his Toronto, Sep 19 (IBNS): The Minister of Innovation Science, and Economic Development, Navdeep Bains, took time out to meet and greet the people of his constituency to learn about their local issues and problems. The event took place at Mississauga’s Versailles Convention Center. 19-Sep-2016
Minnesota: ISIS recruit injures eight in Minnesota, Sept 18 (IBNS): An ISIS recruit in guise of a security guard injured at least eight people in a mass stabbing incident inside a Minnesota mall, before he was shot dead by an off-duty police officer, media reports said. 18-Sep-2016
Minnesota mall attack: IS claims respons Minnesota, Sept 18 (IBNS): The stabbing of eight people at a Minnesota shopping mall in the US has been claimed by militant group ISIS, media reports said. 18-Sep-2016
All 29 victims released from hospital, s New York, Sept 18 (IBNS): Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo on Sunday said all the 29 people, who were injured in the explosion that rocked New York city in the US, have been released from the hospital. 18-Sep-2016
New York: Explosion leaves 29 injured New York, Sept 18 (IBNS): At least 29 people were injured in an explosion at Chelsea neighborhood of New York city in the US on Saturday, officials said. 18-Sep-2016
Explosion rocks New York's Lower Manhatt New York, Sept 18 (IBNS) An explosion in lower Manhattan of New York rocked the area on Saturday night and injured about 25, according to initial reports. 18-Sep-2016
American playwright Edward Albee dies New York, Sept 17 (IBNS): American playwright Edward Albee died at Long Island near New York on Friday, media reports said. 17-Sep-2016
Pakistan mosque attack: US condemns Washington, Sept 17 (IBNS): The US on Saturday condemned suicide attack at a mosque in Pakistan which killed at least 28 people. 17-Sep-2016
Top Canadian banks cancel business with Toronto, Sept 15 (IBNS): Two Canadian top banks have declared they will not do business dealings with companies involved in the marijuana industry. 15-Sep-2016
CBSA seizes millions of dollars from Van Vancouver Sept 15 (IBNS): The Canadian Border Services Agency in recent years has seized millions of dollar in undeclared cash at the Vancouver International Airport, the second busiest airport of the country. 15-Sep-2016
Toronto to shame dangerous dogs and thei Toronto, Sept 15 (IBNS): According to a recent report introduced to the Toronto Municipal code, dogs with one biting incident would be labeled as 'dangerous dogs' via tags and warning signs on their owners' properties. 15-Sep-2016
Rise in interest rate hits millions of C Toronto, Sept 14 (IBNS) A recent report from TransUnion, one of Canada’s major credit reporting agencies, said that one full percentage upward variation in interest rate could put Canadian mortgage payers into serious inconvenience which even result into non-payment of mortgages and loans. 15-Sep-2016
Foster home shortage in Yorkton, Governm Yorkton, Sask Sept 14(IBNS): According to a recent report published by The Canadian Press, a decline of 50 percent in the number of foster homes in the Yorkton area is prompting the Saskatchewan government to reach out to the community. 15-Sep-2016
Man stabbed near York University in Toro Toronto, Sept 13 (IBNS): A young man, probably in his 20s, succumbed to injuries after he was stabbed in the north end of Toronto, near the York University. 14-Sep-2016
Pentagon confirms killing of ISIL leader Washington, Sept 13 (IBNS): US Defense Department officials on Tuesday confirmed the killing of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant leader Abu Muhammad al-Adnani during a U.S. precision airstrike on Aug 30. 13-Sep-2016
Hillary Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia New York, Sept 12 (IBNS): US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia, media reports said. 12-Sep-2016
Canadians suffer from economic downpour Toronto Sept 10 (IBNS): According to a recent pol half of the Canadians said they were able to save five percent or less from their earnings, and thirty-nine percent said that they were “overwhelmed” by their debt. 10-Sep-2016
Florida: 3-year-old son dies in hot pick Florida, Sept 10 (IBNS): A 23-month-old Florida boy died inside a pickup van, after he was left there for eight hours, reports said. 10-Sep-2016
Transgender rights welcomed by most Cana Toronto, Sep 10 (IBNS): According to an online survey conducted by the Angus Reid institute, the majority of Canadians were in favor of transgender rights 10-Sep-2016
Bee deaths a major concern: Environmenta Toronto, Sep 10 (IBNS): According to a recent report published by the Daily News, more than a million bees died in South Carolina, Americas due to the aerial spraying of pesticides to eradicate Zika virus. 10-Sep-2016
Hydrostor: Storing Canada's surplus hydr Toronto, Sep 10 (IBNS): According to a recent report released by Geographic Canada, power system operators should explore the possibility of combining energy sources of wind and solar with hydro to store the energy for future use. 10-Sep-2016
UOT students parade to celebrate the new Toronto, Sep 10 (IBNS): Students from various colleges under the University of Toronto paraded down the streets in the downtown core of Toronto, blocking traffic one way, to showcase they are back to school. 10-Sep-2016
Florida: SpaceX rocket explodes at Cape Cape Canaveral, Sept 1 (IBNS): While being test-fired ahead of a launch, a rocket operated by the aerospace company SpaceX exploded on Thursday on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral in Florida, media reports said. 01-Sep-2016
No survivors from Alaska mid-air collisi Bethel (Alaska), Sep 1 (IBNS): Alaska State Troopers who were searching for survivors following the mid-air collision between two small commercial planes said that none of the five travelling in the planes have survived, according to media reports on Thursday. 01-Sep-2016
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