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Your 7 Step Plan to Getting Pregnant Faster

Your 7 Step Plan to Getting Pregnant Faster

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 05 Mar 2019, 03:56 pm

Once you have decided to start a family, the only thing that makes you feel uneasy is the wait. Couples want to get pregnant in the first try,but what they don’t know is that the body doesn’t act that fast. There’s no special elixir, magic pill,or sure-shot tips to conception that can get someone pregnant in an instant. However, when planned well, one can get your body prepared for a quick and healthy pregnancy. 

So, are you ready to have a baby? Let’s put some planning behind baby-making. Here are seven steps that will help you get pregnant faster.

#1 Stop Using Birth Control – Ahead of Time

Once you have decided about getting pregnant,stop using birth control pills ahead of time. As a rule, you should stop popping those pills months before you plan to start trying to get pregnant. It takes a few months for the body to start ovulating regularly and become ready for pregnancy.

#2 Know ofFoods That Help You Get Pregnant

Many of us don’t know this, but diet plays an important role in keeping the sperm health intact andit causes an impact on fertility. Makingspinach, bananas, eggs, fortified cereals, beans, lentils, and nuts a part of the diet ensure that the body has all the key baby-making nutrients and vitamins in ample quantity. You can even take help of a dietician to plan your daily meals.

#3 Keep track of Your Cycle

One of the most important tips of conception is to know exactly when you are ovulating. Missing out on the key days of the month won’t get you pregnant. There are many apps that help keep a track on the ovulation cycle and alert you when the chances of getting pregnant are higher.

#4 Consult Your Doctor

In between all the steps, don’t forget consulting your doctor. You are more likely to conceive faster when the doctor is involved. They are the right people to consult for tips of conception and lay the groundwork for a fast and healthy pregnancy. Taking steps prescribed by the doctor helps in conceiving fast.

#5 Give Sperm a Boost

One of the best ways to get pregnant faster is by giving the sperm a boost. The healthier the sperm, the faster the chances of getting pregnant. Furthermore, a healthy and strongsperm has maximum chances of fertilising the egg. To give sperma boost one can:

  • Give up on recreational drugs and tobacco
  • Give up on or limit alcoholic drinks
  • Try losing weight if overweight
  • Make zinc, folic acid, and vitamin C a part of the daily diet
  • Skip bathing in hot tubs – heat kills the sperm

#6 Know the Best Position and Time

Knowing the best time and position of sex is the ultimate defining factor in making someone pregnant fast. Doctors recommend lying on the back after sex. Why? Lying on the back after sex allows the sperms to pool and gives them an edge in swimming on the direction of the egg.
When it comes to choosing the right time, doctors often say that there is no right or wrong time. However, having sex before going to bed is advised as it ensures that you stay on the bed and on your back. Thus, increasing the chances of conceiving.

#7 It’s Time to Test

Waiting to conduct the test until the day you expect to get your period is often advised by doctors. However, many test strips allow you to test for pregnancyin a matter of 10 days after ovulation. However, testing too early may even give you a false negative result. So, wait till the time you skip your period and then test.

Final Words!

Pregnancy is a blessing that comes directly from heaven. Couples must take adequate steps to maintain the unborn child’s health. From seeking help from those who are experienced to meeting the doctor regularly, they should do it all. Other than that, they can also head to digital platforms like Momspresso to seek answers of any pregnancy-related queries that they may have. Platforms like these provide information on just about every topic. From tips to conception to how to take care of a newborn baby, there is a plethora of information available about childbirth and baby care.

Your 7 Step Plan to Getting Pregnant Faster

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