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4 Career Options to Explore After Completing a Data Science Certification

4 Career Options to Explore After Completing a Data Science Certification

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 13 Nov 2019, 11:52 am

We reside in a world driven by data, where every piece of information gets stored in the form of data across systems and networks. Over time, the stored data becomes so massive that it often becomes an arduous task for the organization to infer anything from it. Businesseshave started using data-driven strategies to develop future-ready business plans.


What does Data Science Do?

Data Science is a multidisciplinary subject that combines data inference, technology, and algorithm development. The techniques or tools used under data science help breakdown the data to a granular level and derive insights. This enables companies to make accurate and profitable decisions.

Due to increasing competition and the colossal amount of usage data generated, top companies are looking for data science experts who can aid them in utilizing it. So, if you are planning to pursue a course in data sciences, then you’re on the right track. You can find the rightdata science training in Hyderabad and several other metro cities to equip you with the right skills.

Here are a few career options that you can opt for after completing your training-

1. Business Intelligence (BI) Developer
Companies require data science professionals who can design and develop strategies to quickly identify problem areas and make better business decisions. This job role requires you to be data-savvy and well versed with standardBI tools. You may also be required to develop custom BI analytic applications so that you can facilitate the end-users’ understanding of the business systems.

2. Data Scientist
This is a technology-intensive job in which you must organize collected data and extract trends and patterns. In other words, you will have to break down complex information into processed data that can be used to derive business insights. Leading companies across the world employ data scientists to identify logical trends and patterns from data packets such as from social media posts, updates and check-ins

3. Infrastructure Architect
This job profile is also more commonly known as Cloud Infrastructure Architect, meaning the one who oversees a company’s cloud computing strategy. It is a high paying job, and an excellent option to consider.

The infrastructure architect’s role is tooverseebusiness systems and ensure that they are working optimally.Also, the architect is responsible for implementing new technology that can adapt and support the existing system requirements. You will have to ensure that a robust network security system is in place to support the operations.

4. Data Engineer
Taking up the role of a data engineeris another lucrative career option that you can consider after completing your data science training. This role will require you to perform real-time processing or batch processing of collected and stored data. Since real-time processing helps convert large volumes of unstructured data into structured information, improving its readability and further usage.

Get the Right Certification for a Successful Career

Organizations are shifting focus on a large amount of user data that is generated daily to derive business insights. Big data and data science jobs have an enormous scope of growth in the coming years.If you’re planning to pursue a career in data science, you need to develop the right skill set.

Data science training programs offered by reputable institutes like Jigsaw Academy equip you with the nuances of cybersecurity, machine learning, IoT and analytics. So, if you envision to make a career in the field of data science or other such areas, then you can look for data science training in Hyderabad and other such cities. Get the best training to kickstart your career in the best way.

4 Career Options to Explore After Completing a Data Science Certification

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