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Book review:  Exploring the bonds of love with family and pets

Book review: Exploring the bonds of love with family and pets

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 30 Aug 2018, 05:26 pm

The highly gripping and emotional plot of 'My Little World and Me'  by Radhika Goyel will transcend the readers into a different world, where they can make a strong connection with the author and her microcosm.

It is a story of involvement, not completely amidst humans but also with the pets.

Every person faces several hindrances and highly stressful moments in life when everything seems to come to a standstill, but these experiences actually help them to grow and prepare for the upcoming challenges.

Everyone have their own hurdles which they need to cross in order to live their lives because giving up is not an option.

Childhood is a special phase in everyone’s life when the child receives all the love and care that he or she needs and also to meet their demands, toys, dolls and other things are given to them.

However, here the author has mentioned that right from her childhood days, she felt some connection with nature and the birds and animals around her.

The experiences that she had gathered from her tender age has helped her to cope with the challenges of life later.

'My Little World and Me' is written in a narrative form, describing the author’s life since she was two years of age, when she had her first pet, a pure bred German Shepherd, brought by her father.

Then they had a jet-black terrier named Blackie with whom she has several sweet as well as horrific memories.

Apart from these tender memories, the author has numerous incidents happening in her life after her marriage with Sudhir.

She had a small family, comprising her two sons, her husband and her dogs and cats as pets.

Unfortunately, an incident shook their lives and that is the untimely demise of one of their sons, from cancer.

When they were recovering from this acute pain, one of their pets passed away.

Her husband too suffers from severe illness which led to his demise.

After the death of her son, Sudhir was her only pillar of strength, which she has repeatedly mentioned to the readers.

However, when Sudhir left her, she lost the ground under her feet.

Her pets were her only solace, but she lost them too, one after the other.

The author has one regret in her life which she mentions at the beginning and concluding paragraphs of the book.

As per her passion, she should have become a vet or a conservationist, but lamentably, she could not become any one of them.

The book reverberates her pain, agony as well as her joy and happiness in life.

She has witnessed many loses but she is always thankful to her family for supporting her and also to her pets for letting her evolve in life.

She has lost all her hopes and her wish to live any longer after facing repeated challenges from life.

One can empathize with the author and the words used have the ability to pierce right through one’s heart.

This story is an inspiration, this story is for the animal lovers and also for the ones who have come across severe pain in life.

(Reviewed by Sayantani Sengupta)

Book review: Exploring the bonds of love with family and pets

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