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Book Review: 'To Write Love on Her Hand' is part romantic part psychological

Book Review: 'To Write Love on Her Hand' is part romantic part psychological

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 30 Aug 2018, 05:42 pm

Love is a wonderful feeling when it happens with the right person ---this phrase has been proved to be true by Lopamudra Sen in her novel, 'To Write Love on her Hand'.

The story revolves around Ruhi, Rehaan and Dipto and other minor characters who support the main plot.

Ruhi, a simple, young girl, falls in love with her childhood crush Dipto but soon realises that she is in a toxic relationship, where she is not getting any space to bloom.

She gives in to the situation and Dipto and Ruhi does a registry marriage.

Later, in her office, Ruhi meets Rehaan. Ruhi finds some kind of solace in his company. She slowly becames close to Rehaan but what happens next?

Can Ruhi come out of a unhealthy relationship with Dipto and find peace with Rehaan or fate has some other plans for her?

Lopamudra Sen has chosen simple language to write her novel yet her work carries a powerful message related to love.

We often fail to figure out the person who is best for us and take hasty decisions, but some wrong decisions are worth it because it helps us to find the right one efficiently.

Dipto was just an attachment in Ruhi’s life but Rehaan was her true love.

Like all other love stories, even they had a journey filled with ups and downs but later, Ruhi was able to realise his absence and how much she missed her, after recovering from a huge loss in her life.

In the end, Ruhi keeps aside her anger and ego and listens to her heart.

This romantic tale has several twists and turns but the ending is a positive one which will induce optimism in the readers after finishing the book.

The readers can travel with Ruhi and feel and experience her upheavals in life and how she deals with it.

Sometimes, distance makes love grow stronger and this proves to be true in case of Ruhi’s story.

Every negative event teaches us something important and it is followed by happiness and mirth in life.

Certain life events can shatter us completely and we may lose all hopes to live, however, a ray of light always wait for us at the other side of the tunnel.

To Write Love on her Hand has been compartmentalized into 20 chapters and each chapter comes with a new twist, which can hold the readers’ attention till the end.

Romantic book lovers can definitely give it a read and this story can also target the teenagers, who would find it interesting to explore the different facets of love!

 (Reviewed by Sayantani Sengupta)

Book Review: 'To Write Love on Her Hand' is part romantic part psychological

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