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 It has been a great journey (of 25 yrs): Akshay Kumar

It has been a great journey (of 25 yrs): Akshay Kumar

Trans World Features (TWF) | 01 May 2015, 07:49 pm
Akshay Kumar has come a long way since he made his debut with Saugandh in 1992. Today, he is one of the most bankable stars and scripts are being written keeping him in mind. The actor, whose next film, Gabbar is Back, releases soon, spoke to TWF correspondent Gaurav Sharma as he completes 25 years in the industry.

You have become one of the most envied actors in Bollywood, as every film you do goes on to become a hit.

(Ha..ha..ha). No, no I don’t think anyone envies me. The industry is a big happy family and we all appreciate each other’s efforts. It’s just that my films are working well at the box office. I am trying out new subjects and the audiences too want something new. Maybe, that’s the reason the films are doing good.

Your last film Baby was a hit and now a lot of expectations are building around the release of Gabbar is Back.

Baby was indeed a very good film. It was a subject that wasn’t tried earlier. I think Neeraj Pandey (director) is one of the most intelligent filmmakers we have today, who does a lot of research before making a film. Baby was a very edgy film and the story line was very tight. Such films always tend to keep the audience engaged because they enjoy it. Gabbar is Back too is a very different kind of film. You must have got an idea after watching the trailers and the dialogues. So, I am sure this film too will strike a chord with the audience.

The film’s title derives its name from an iconic screen villain.

Yes, Gabbar is certainly one of the most iconic names in Indian cinema. I think the name itself has raised quite a few questions like how can a hero have a villain’s name and if I am the hero or the villain. The idea was to find a true hero in the name of a villain. The catch line of the film says everything: Naam Villain ka aur kaam hero ka. The story is about how a man fights corruption and for that he needs to be not only aggressive but also ferocious. Corruption is a big problem and the story though looks simple deals with a very important and delicate issue.

You also sport a bearded look in the film.

(Smiles) That was one of the first briefings I was given before shooting. See, we all are well aware of the image of Gabbar. He was rough and tough and had a very rugged look. So, I had to sport a beard and I also had to put on 15 kilos because when the character is named Gabbar it couldn’t have looked like a clean-shaven and well-groomed man.

There was a phase, when you mostly did action films and then you shifted to comedy and now you have started doing a lot of action films.

It’s not that all the films I am doing now are action. There are films, which I am doing that deal with serious issues. There came a time when I was doing a lot of comedies because I became a bit responsible in my personal life. I used to do a lot of action. I used to do some really very dangerous stunts. I was quite reckless then. Then I got married and had my first kid and I decided that I should not be that reckless any more. I have a family and I have a responsibility towards them. Now, they have grown up to some extent and I have again started trying out action films.

You will also complete 25 years in the industry this year.

(Smiles) It has really been a great journey. I am happy with what I have done so far in my career. There have been ups and down and there have been some really great things that have happened to me. I didn’t have a background in films, so I had like many others the biggest challenge of establishing myself. I still believe that hard work pays. I did all kinds of films that came my way…good… bad… B-grade, C-grade everything. I had no other choice but to prove myself as an actor. Things slowly started getting changed and filmmakers started showing their faith in me. I am really thankful to every filmmaker and co-star, who believed in me and worked with me.

Do you regret doing those films?

No, not at all. I am being very honest. It was work for me. I knew I was being paid. Someone was showing his faith in me and I had to work hard to prove myself. So, I don’t have any regrets. In fact they helped me a lot. At times I was sure that a film won’t work even before it was complete. It happened so many times and then all of a sudden a film worked. I just believe in one thing and that is in honesty. Even if those were B-grade, C-grade films, I did my work honestly.

And today scripts are written keeping you in mind…

I think that is because I was honest to what I did. I was honest to myself, my directors and my producers. Hard work pays and today I am grateful to everyone who gave me work when I needed it most to prove myself.

So you are happy with whatever has happened to you.

I am more than happy. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

It has been a great journey (of 25 yrs): Akshay Kumar

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