New York to Montreal: A journey by train

New York to Montreal: A journey by train

Sujoy Dhar | 29 Mar 2016, 12:45 am
It was kind of strange that I come to USA and Canada so many times and yet never had any Amtrack experience. So this time when I decided to travel to Montreal ahead of visiting my friend in Toronto, I zeroed in on a train journey, I mean Amtrack.
Amtrak is a partially government-funded American passenger railroad service offering medium- and long-distance intercity service in the contiguous United States. So I travelled by the Adirondack (after Adirondack Mountains), the train operated daily by Amtrak between New York City and Montreal.

New York to Montreal by train takes nearly 11 hours and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my first USA-Canada long distance train experience, by Amtrack, this March. Otherwise, it was always Greyhound bus or flight in the past whenever I travelled in USA-Canada region for long distances. The train begins its journey from Penn station in New York and I reached there at 7 am for the 8-15 am train (you need to come early for document check since you are going from one country to another). 

Lake Champlain

I took a front seat in the car with ample leg space and since no one was sitting next to me I kind of travelled like a king sprawling in both the seats and dumping by camera, chords and two phones (which are also cameras) in the other seat. 
As the train rolled out of New York underground and after a while emerged out of the tunnel, the skyscrapers of Big Apple were visible on the other side of river Hudson.  

The train passes through the lush wine country of the Hudson Valley and hugs the shoreline of the scenic Lake Champlain, offering some grand scenery just outside your window.  For a bite, the train has a good cafe where you can even pay by credit card for your coffee and snacks. 
The only opportunity to step out in a station on way to Montreal from New York was at Albany-Rensselaer Station though I got another opportunity too in a small station, thanks to the permissive and very friendly railway staff on board.  

Everyone chilled and I loved watching two ladies travelling together posing and clicking in the station where we stepped out. A relaxing journey in a not too high speed train, it was like taking life easy. 
Some of the scenery from the train are like picture postcards, sometimes bucolic and even abstracted. 
It cost me less than 70 USD, to travel one way. You can book early and look for various deals. 
A big thumbs up to Amtrack if it is New York to Montreal. 

New York to Montreal: A journey by train

Sujoy Dhar
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