Isle of Skye: A dream journey

Isle of Skye: A dream journey

Sujoy Dhar | 01 May 2016, 07:53 am
A dream journey to Isle of Skye Island began in Edinburgh. Meaning ‘cloud island’, Isle of Skye is 50-mile-long tapestry of jagged, craggy mountains, moors, lakes (lochs) and scary sea cliffs that offer mind-boggling views like the one at Neist Point. The population of the island is around 10,000.
But the journey to the island itself is most interesting. So we started in a mini bus from Edinburgh at Rabbie's cafe.  Rabbie's is one of the most recommended tour operators to travel to Isle of Skye. 

And then as we left Edinburgh in the morning, we went past incredible landscapes of mountains and deep valley called glens and lochs or lakes, past the beautiful town of Callander and Fort William, hearing many stories about the clan system of Scotland in the past and the battles, the Jacobite uprisings, soldiers memorials and even witness to  a rail station that ends in the sea. Also we could see the castle at Loch Duich near Dornie captured from far during rain. 

We reached Portree, the capital of Isle of Skye, by evening from Edinburgh.

The next day the sight seeing included places like Neist Point and Quiraing, but the journey itself through the Scottish Highlands is unforgettable. 


Isle of Skye: A dream journey

Sujoy Dhar
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